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Choose from a wide assortment of authentic Japanese products, from essential items like rice, soy sauce, nori to made-in-house sushi and bento. See below for an idea of what we carry.

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  • For product questions, email us at or click "Contact Us"

  • We love supporting local businesses. If you have a product that you think would sell well in our stores, please contact us 


Raw fish...well done!

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Signature rolls, party trays, nigiri, sashimi and more. Can be ordered for pickup/delivery or come in store to see what's available for purchase.

See the "Order" page for full menu.​


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Bento & Donburi


Chicken karaage, gyoza, spicy karaage donburi, tonkatsu bento, gindara kama bento, spam musubi and more. Please note all bento & donburi items in store are first come first served. Party trays can be ordered for pickup/delivery.

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Sweets & Drinks

デザート, 飲み物

Pastries, manju, mochi, pudding, castella, cheesecake, chocolates, cookies, soda, juice, milk tea, tea, coffee, ramune, yakult and more.


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Clark Inside (Crackers).png



Arare & rice crackers, candies and gummies, chocolate (e.g. Meiji or Japanese Kit-Kats), manju, chips, Pocky, Pretz, baked goods and more.​

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Instant Noodles


Sapporo Ichiban, Cup Noodle, Nissin, instant ramen, instant yakisoba, instant soba and more.

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Soy sauce, mirin, sushi ingredients, sauces, instant meals (rice, pasta sauce, curry), rice (including rice from Japan), miso soup, rice seasonings, wakame & nori, noodles (soba, udon, somen), rice and soy flour, teas, dashi and more.​

Varies by Store

Clark Inside (Deli).png



Gomaae, seaweed salad, kinpira gobo, salmon nanban, chikuzen ni, konnyaku ni, sushi ginger and more.

Clark Drive & Richmond

Seafood (Clark).png



Sashimi-grade fish and marinated/salted/raw fish like salmon, mackerel, black cod, tuna, fish roe (salmon, flying fish, masago), octopus and other seasonal items.

Clark Drive & Richmond

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Home Goods


Cooking and dining utensils, dish sponges, bath crystals, beauty items, bath wash, appliances, dish detergent and more.

Varies by Store

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