In-Store Products

You can choose from a wide assortment of sushi, from Nigiri to Sashimi, as well as, select special Sushi trays and delicious Bento boxes. prepared and packaged carefully to ensure maximum quality and satisfaction.

We always use fresh, high-quality grade ingredients made with Japanese rice and is prepared and packaged carefully to ensure maximum quality and satisfaction.




Our Food Selection

You'll Find The Largest Selection of Japanese Foods at Fujiya!

  • Fujiya has a wide variety of authentic Japanese products imported directly from Japan.
  • We carry essential Japanese foods such as rice, mirin, vinegar, nori, miso and other products including produce, meat, and fish.
  • We also carry many household brands such as: Yamasa, Nissen, Sapporo, QP, Buldog, House as well as specialty brands such as: Higashimaru, Ninben, Ujinotsuyu.
  • Fujiya also carries more than 50 brands of tea, imported from Japan.

Low prices and good value!

  • You'll always find daily fresh sushi including our famous
    $2.95 California Roll.
  • All Fujiya Sushi is made from quality Japanese rice.
  • A wide variety of party trays and special custom trays available.

Buy Delicious "Ready-To-Eat" Japanese Food

  • Any day of the week, our bento case is filled with our large selection of freshly made ready to eat Japanese Obento (lunch boxes), donburi, salads, gyoza, karaage and more.
  • Bento boxes are a smart and healthy Japanese food choice that's quick and easy for both lunch or dinner.
  • Pick up your Bento at Fujiya today!
Our Fish Counter
  • Check out our in-store Fish Counter which displays " ready-to-eat " items such as goma-ae, konyakuu, salmon teriyaki and many more daily selections.
  • Also available at the Fish Counter, is our house branded Ocean Delight imitation crab meat, tempuras, and kamaboko.
  • Plus, you'll discover a variety of prepared fish ready for Sushi and Sashimi as well as marinated ready to cook items.


You can also order sushi trays and special party trays for pick up. Please note that special orders require 24hrs notice in advance.

Place a "Special Order" for Pick Up at any of our 3 store locations.




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